• Esme Todd

Remembering the Positives

This industry is bloody tough.

It's the nature of presenting; you receive an abnormal amount of rejection in your career. You can spend hours sorting out self tapes for different clients or job applications and 80% of the time the production company won't even give you a no, you just hear nothing. Some days it's really hard not to feel completely deflated and remember why you're doing it to yourself in the first place. Cheery!

But recently I've been trying really hard to keep focussing on the positives and the successes. The time I pushed myself to try a new type of role that I was previously scared of, the time I got the job I really didn't think I'd get or the time I got cast out of 500 people.

Here's a quick reminder to keep going and focus on the positives not the negatives!

Esme x

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