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Welcome to my New Blog!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Hey! I thought I'd start this blog with a little bit about my career...

I'm Esme Todd and I'm a British presenter. Born in Bristol, I started my career in 2016 at Local TV (then called Made in Bristol TV, on Freeview, Sky and Virgin) as 'the work experience' - basically I sat around watching and waiting until luckily they offered me the role of network weather presenter. I wrote/presented/edited the weather for Bristol, Leeds, Birmingham and Teesside for over a year and I also got the opportunity to live host Made in Bristol's evening show (like The One Show but 2 hours and all about Brizzol). One of my favourite roles in the company was when I produced and presented my very own show called 'Christmas at Home' - it was a small project but it went on proper TV and I was proud of my work nonetheless!

Here's my showreel from my days at Made Television

Sadly due to budget cuts I was made redundant just before Christmas in 2017 which gave me a slightly premature nudge (full force shove) into the world of freelancing. The first 6 months I was a bit of a lost puppy, with no idea of where to go or what to do. But thankfully, the varied work from my time at Made TV enabled me to make a showreel which landed me my first few bits of paid work.

Flash forward to me writing this in 2021, I've presented for BBC Bitesize, Warhammer, BT, Vodafone, Pearson Education, The British Council and perhaps my favourite recurring role for The Entertainer (toy shop) among many other entertainment, children's, voiceover and corporate jobs. My job has taken me to all over the country, from The Globe theatre in London to Nickelodeon's 'Slime Fest' in Blackpool, so I've stayed in a lot of budget hotels.

Are you looking for a fresh faced, upcoming presenter for your next project? I'd love to chat to you about it, whether you're after an entertainment, children's TV or corporate presenter!

Thanks for reading,

Esme x

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