I’m Esme, a presenter, voiceover artist and live host I absolutely love what I do. I present content for entertainment, children, education, TEFL, corporate and more. I currently live in the East Midlands but work all over the UK. Past jobs have taken me to all corners of the country but my most regular work tends to be in London.


I'm part of The Entertainer Squad, presenting regular YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok content for high street toy retailer The Entertainer. I'm also currently co-hosting Vodafone's internal show called Techbusters which involves testing out crazy myths to do with technology. Recent and past credits include BBC Bitesize, Vue Cinemas, BT, Pearson Education, The British Council, Made Television, Games Workshop's Warhammer, Harrington's dog food, Motorola and many more!

I feel super lucky to be doing a job that doesn't even feel like working, I've never turned up to a job and not felt completely grateful to be there. Each year is getting bigger and better and I'm incredibly excited to see where my career take me next!

Take a look at my gallery plus some more content from The Entertainer on the menu.